Aromatic Rollerball Blends

Aromatic Rollerball Blends

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Perfect for travel, the rollerball applicator makes rolling these aromatic blends onto your skin a breeze! The essential oils are blended into an emollient base derived from coconut oil and glycerin. A hand stamped muslin bag shields the contents of each reusable glass vial from light degradation. Bring your empty bottle back to us Saturdays at the Wolfville Farmers' Market for $12 refills.

Distant Foghorn: a meditative, citrusy and resinous blend of wild orange, frankincense, bergamot FCF, ginger, patchouli and Atlas cedarwood essential oils, with frankincense resin and dried orange peel

Fairy Lanterns: a dreamtime blend for the twilight hours of chamomile lavender, sweet orange and mandarin essential oils, with dried chamomile flowers, calendula petals and lavender buds

Waltz of the Flowers: a tranquil, woodsy and floral summer's afternoon in the garden blend of Damask rose, geranium, vanilla, frankincense and Atlas cedarwood essential oils, with dried rose and cornflower petals

Cresting Wave: an uplifting, summery citrus and tropical floral blend of wild orange, pink grapefruit, ylang ylang, ginger and black pepper essential oils, with dried hibiscus petals and orange peel

Dryad’s Own: perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities, a nature lover's woodland blend of lavender, peppermint, geranium, silver fir and lemony May Chang essential oils with dried rosemary leaves and lavender buds

Emerald Ocean: ideal for easing into early mornings, a fresh, lively citrus and floral blend of sweet orange, jasmine, spearmint and Neroli essential oils, with dried jasmine flowers, spearmint leaves and orange peel

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