Dryad's Grove Dry Shampoo, Dark

Dryad's Grove Dry Shampoo, Dark

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Freshens hair, absorbs excess oil and adds volume with an aromatic blend of rhassoul clay and certified organic patchouli, orris root, cinnamon, clove and orange peel powders. 

36 g / 1.25 oz. packaged in a frosted glass bottle, or as a refill in a resealable plastic pouch. 

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Directions: sprinkle shampoo onto roots, work through mid-lengths, wait two minutes for sebum to be absorbed, brush shampoo out.

Mode d’emploi: saupoudrer les racines et répartisser le poudre avec les doigts, attender deux minutes pour que le sébum soit absorbé, brosser pour enlever la poudre.

Ingredients/Ingrédients: Moroccan lava clay, pogostemon cablin, iris germanica, cinnamomum verum, syzygium aromaticum, citrus sinensis