Undina Facial Tea

Undina Facial Tea

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Helps open pores to release excess oil and impurites. Combine with steaming water for use as a facial steam to prepare the skin for our Undina Refining Masque. A blend of certified organic lavender, rose, calendula, sunflower and cornflower petals.

7 g / .25 oz (dried petals are lightweight, this fills a 60 mL frosted glass bottle). 

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Suitable for all skin types, particularly oily and congested skin (Ayurveda: Kapha Dosha)

Directions: add 1 tbsp petals to a basin of steaming water, hold your face over the basin and cover your head with a towel for 5-10 minutes.

Mode d’emploi: ajouter 1 c. à table des pétales à un bassin d'eau bouillante, maintainer votre visage sur le bassin et couvrer votre tête avec une serviette pendant 5-10 minutes.

Ingredients/Ingrédients: lavandula angustifolia, rosa damascena, calendula officinalis, helianthus annuus, centaurea cyanus